Monday, November 30, 2009

Tamil & South Indian Movies ....bold enough !

Talking about Indian movies one will mention Bollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood etc. in lines of famous film city Hollywood in US. Here in India Bollywood refers to films production industry in Mumbai, Mollywood in Madras ( now Chennai) and Tollywood in Tullygunj(West Bengal ). The above three "woods" produce films in their own categories. Bollywood produces mainly Hindi commercial films. Mollywood makes South Indian movies. Tollywood produces only Bengali films.

However, Mollywood is one step ahead of other two. South Indian film makers are bold and their thinking is clear. They want to cater to ever growing present-day audience who look for hot sexual scenes in films.
To make their effort more easy there has been no lack of South Indian actresses bold enough to do explicit sexual scenes on-camera.

Most of the films produced in Mollywood are
B-Grade/C-Grade movies. The kinds of semi-nude content found in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada films are unimaginable in other Indian mainstream Hindi or regional movies.

Massage, caressing scenes are common. Though up to that limit only. The body language of South Indian heroines are provocative. They are gerenally healthy, chubby to be precise. Lots of flesh to show. South Indian sex bomb
Shakeela describing her profile on certain social networking site has this to say about her fatty figure : " More to Love !".

Such actresses like Shakeela,
Sharmili enjoy super stardom allover India. They are well known just like any Bollywood superstars.

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When any South Indian films features a maid servant's role you better look out: it can have dangerous hot scenes! Hot sexual scenes in
Tamil or South Indian movies are normally "inserted" involving a super sexy maid servant, or sexually depraved married lady or a madam of a penthouse.

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They really are bold enough to do sensual scenes on-camera but there are also some videos even on MTVs where they do sensual dancing which I find pretty cool. To some, they may even say it's an art of dance.

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